Financial Institutions


Financial institutions face a wide range of strategic, operational and legal challenges. In particular, shifting regulatory environments and global economic uncertainties challenge the approaches of these institutions in their local markets and internationally, for example we are working with several major global financial institutions around their business strategies for the UK’s forthcoming exit from the EU (“Brexit”) as well as identifying the opportunities this may create for these institutions and their clients.

We offer comprehensive support for all business matters affecting financial institutions, including regulatory advice, transactions, disputes and investigations as well as legal assistance in day-to-day operations. Our clients include international banking organizations, investment banks, government-owned commercial and development banks, broker-dealers, investment advisers, investment funds, private equity and hedge funds, real estate investment funds, sovereign wealth funds, insurance companies, outsourcing and other third party service providers, fintech enterprises and other key players in the financial industry sector. We serve the needs of many of the world’s leading financial institutions across the US, UK, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. We also have a significant practice advising sponsors and corporate borrowers.

Our clients trust us to help guide them through the most challenging multijurisdictional issues across the spectrum of complex regulatory regimes. With our globally integrated team, we are well-positioned to address regulatory and legislative issues, including restrictions imposed on permissible nonbanking activities, proprietary trading, derivatives and investment fund activities, and regulatory capital, liquidity and other prudential requirements.

Working with our clients, we create sophisticated and innovative solutions to safeguard their assets, protect their reputations, develop new products and allow them to pursue their strategic and fiscal objectives with confidence.

We provide advice and counsel on a diverse range of matters including:

  • Forms of business for conducting banking and non-banking operations
  • Regulatory compliance, risk management including Antitrust and competition and supervisory matters
  • Regulatory capital, liquidity and leverage requirements and other enhanced prudential requirements
  • Financial advisory matters across the world, including Volcker Rule, CFIUS and other restrictions on trading and investing activities, Living wills, resolution plans and remedial proceedings involving bank supervisors and AML, OFAC, US PATRIOT Act and economic and other sanctions. (Visit our Financial Institutions Advisory page for more information)
  • Lender liability and other commercial dispute resolution
  • Corporate crime & investigations, including US and UK bribery statutes and governmental enforcement proceedings and investigations
  • Bank mergers, corporate restructurings and principal investments
  • All forms of DCM, ECM, structured finance and derivatives transactions
  • Extensive debt finance practices across leveraged lending, project, asset and trade finance
  • Financial restructurings, work-outs and insolvencies
  • Executive compensation, benefits and employment
  • Real estate and outsourcing strategies
  • Payments processing and systems, including e-payments, cross-border remittances and foreign exchange transactions
  • Consumer financial offerings, including prepaid cards, e-wallets and other cyber currencies
  • Effective global data, privacy, cybersecurity protection