Technology Transactions


Technology transformation, strategic alliances with technology providers and sourcing arrangements are increasingly important pillars of business. Financial services institutions, energy companies, international food giants, cross-border retail operations, multinational telecommunications companies and media and technology leaders all need to ensure delivery of the best possible product or service to customers while adapting to ever-changing technologies, markets and business objectives.

Advising on complex transactions and sourcing arrangements

Clients turn to us to help them assess and overcome commercial, legal, regulatory and structural risks, while focusing on driving innovation and reducing costs. Our Technology Transactions Group, one of the largest of any global law firm, offers decades of knowledge and experience. Our work ranges from structuring, negotiating and implementing complex sourcing and strategic alliances to advising on cybersecurity, Big Data and data management concerns. We advise on pricing, performance and governance – all with a view to developing sustainable relationships that serve our clients’ objectives.

Our lawyers have advised on many of the landmark sourcing arrangements undertaken to date. We have served as counsel to some of the world’s most prominent companies in connection with their information technology and sourcing needs. Clients benefit from our ability to support the implementation of enterprise-level cloud computing solutions and “As-a-Service” offerings in the financial services and other industries. We have also been a world leader in incorporating ITIL, SEI and other IT standards-based processes into our approach to IT transactions.

Putting our technology transactions experience to work for our clients

Clients benefit from our focus on the entire operating model, with an emphasis on the critical integration issues that exist in any multi-vendor environment. With that perspective, we help design pricing methodologies and performance regimes that provide agility and transparency and incentivize desired behaviors.

In working with our clients, we focus on governance rather than contract administration. We have developed panel governance systems and tools aimed at enhancing governance and cooperation between the customer and its suppliers in a multi-vendor IT environment. This not only increases cooperation and efficiency, but serves to ‘future-proof’ arrangements to accommodate unanticipated changes and developments in a systematic and disciplined manner.

Our support for technology transactions continues beyond the initial transaction. We advise our clients on successfully managing long-term relationships with suppliers, implementing sustainable governance models and resolving disputes. A focus on post-transaction execution enables our clients to optimize the arrangement and achieve value and cost-savings.